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About the Symposia

Professors Shoji Tanaka and Walter Kosonocky, founders of the Symposia, first organized the VLSI Technology Symposium in 1981 with the hope of offering an opportunity for world's top technologists to engage in an open exchange of ideas on what was quickly becoming a revolution in the world's industrial capability. Since then, the Symposium has been held annually and has grown to be an important and valuable event for people working in the VLSI business. The presentation of high-quality papers has made it possible for attendees to learn about new directions in the development of VLSI technology. The friendly atmosphere has made this an enjoyable learning experience.

The Symposium on VLSI Technology has alternated each year between sites in US and Japan. In 1987, the first Symposium on VLSI Circuits was held in conjunction with the Technology Symposium in recognition of the growing interest to provide the same small but intense and open forum for discussing circuit and system implementations. Since then, this annual meeting has increased its value over the past 30 years. We are confident that so many new technologies and circuits were introduced in the past Symposia and thus have contributed to the prosperity of the world. Its sponsors continue to be the IEEE Electron Devices Society and Solid-State Circuits Society, and the Japan Society of Applied Physics in cooperation with the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

For many reasons, these meetings have remained linked for the past years to provide opportunities for technology people and circuit and system designers to interact with each other. These interactions are augmented with short courses, invited speakers and several evening rump sessions. In recognition of the efforts of organizers, authors and participants to make the Symposia successful, there is ample banquet and entertainment prearranged.

The 2016 meeting was held in Honolulu, Hawaii. This year it will be returning to the RIHGA Royal Hotel in Kyoto, Japan in June of 2017.

Best Student Paper Award

The VLSI Symposia has established a Best Student Paper Award to encourage the research of student project which will lead the next generation.

Future Symposia

June, 2018  -  Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu

Past Symposia

View a past symposia website by clicking on the year you wish to see.


JSAP Executive Committee
  • Tadahiro KurodaKeio Univ.
  • Eiji FujiiPanasonic Corp.
  • Toshiro HiramotoThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Dai HisamotoHitachi, Ltd.
  • Makoto IkedaThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Satoshi InabaToshiba Memory Corp.
  • Toshihiko KanayamaAIST
  • Kinam KimSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Chih-Yuan(C.Y.) LuMacronix International Co., Ltd.
  • Meishoku MasaharaAIST
  • Yoshio MasubuchiToshiba Corp.
  • Akira MatsuzawaTokyo Institute of Technology
  • Masayuki MizunoNEC Crop.
  • Yasunori MochizukiNEC Corp.
  • Tohru MogamiPETRA
  • Masato MotomuraHokkaido Univ.
  • Masaaki NiwaTohoku Univ.
  • Satoshi ShigematsuNTT Device Inovation Center
  • Jack Y.-C. SunTSMC
  • Hirotaka TamuraFujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
  • Akira ToriumiThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Taku UmebayashiSony Corp.
  • Hitoshi WakabayashiTokyo Institute of Technology
  • Kazuo YanoHitachi, Ltd.
  • Hoi-Jun YooKAIST
IEEE Executive Committee
  • H.S. Philip WongStanford Univ.
  • Ajith AmerasekeraTexas Instruments
  • Chorng-Ping ChangApplied Materials, Inc.
  • Ken ChangXilinx Inc.
  • Vivek DeIntel Corp.
  • Giovanni De MicheliEPFL
  • Charles DennisonMicron Technology, Inc.
  • Ichiro FujimoriBroadcom Corp.
  • Jeffrey GealowAnalog Devices, Inc.
  • Raj JammyCarl Zeiss
  • Mukesh KhareIBM
  • Tsu-Jae King LiuUniv. of California, Berkeley
  • Stephen KosonockyAMD
  • Gunther LehmannInfineon Technologies AG
  • Un-Ku MoonOregon State Univ.
  • Katsu NakamuraAnalog Devices, Inc.
  • Tak NingIBM
  • Klaus SchrueferIntel Mobile Communications GmbH
  • An SteeganImec
  • Hans StorkON Semiconductor
  • Jason WooUniv. of California, Los Angeles
  • Kevin ZhangIntel Corp.
JFE Symposium Officers and Program Committee – Technology
JFE Symposium Officers – Technology
  • Symposium ChairSatoshi InabaToshiba Memory Corp.
  • Program ChairMeishoku MasaharaAIST
  • SecretaryKazuhiko EndoAIST
  • Publicity ChairKen UchidaKeio Univ.
  • Publication ChairMunehiro TadaNEC Corp.
  • TreasurerKatsura MiyashitaToshiba Corp.
  • Short Course OrganizerShinya YamakawaSony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
  • Evening Panel ChairTakaaki TsunomuraTokyo Electron Ltd.
  • Program ChairMeishoku MasaharaAIST
  • Siyoung ChoiSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Steve S.ChungNational Chiao Tung Univ.
  • Sung-Woong ChungSK hynix Inc.Local Publicity
  • Kazuhiko EndoAIST
  • Masaharu KobayashiThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Byoung Hun LeeGwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  • Hang-Ting LueMacronix International Co., Ltd.Local Publicity
  • Hideharu MiyakeMicron Memory Japan, Inc.
  • Katsura MiyashitaToshiba Corp.
  • Hiroshi MoriokaSocionext Inc.
  • Nobuyuki SugiiHitachi, Ltd.
  • Hiroki SugiyamaNTT Corp.
  • Munehiro TadaNEC Corp.
  • Shinichi TakagiThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Tetsu TanakaTohoku Univ.
  • Kenji TateiwaTowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • Takaaki TsunomuraTokyo Electron Ltd.
  • Ken UchidaKeio Univ.
  • Shinya YamakawaSony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
  • Tomohiro YamashitaRenesas Electronics Corp.
  • Yee-Chia YeoTSMC
  • Tri-Rung YewNational Tsing-Hua Univ.
JFE Symposium Officers and Program Committee – Circuits
JFE Symposium Officers – Circuits
  • Symposium ChairMasato MotomuraHokkaido Univ.
  • Program ChairMakoto IkedaThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • SecretaryMakoto TakamiyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Publicity ChairKazuhisa SunagaNEC Corp.
  • Publication ChairYasumoto TomitaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
  • Short Course ChairKen TakeuchiChuo Univ.
  • Evening Panel ChairMasao ItoRenesas System Design Co., Ltd.
  • Local ArrangementsNoriyuki MiuraKobe Univ.
  • Program ChairMakoto IkedaThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Kenichi AgawaToshiba Corp.
  • Jonathan ChangTSMC
  • Koji FujiiNTT Microsystem Integration Labs.
  • Masanori HashimotoOsaka Univ.
  • Yutaka HirosePanasonic Corp.
  • Hiroki IshikuroKeio Univ.
  • Masao ItoRenesas System Design Co., Ltd.
  • Minkyu JeKAIST
  • Kouichi KandaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
  • Ming-Dou KerNational Chiao Tung Univ.
  • Jri LeeNational Taiwan Univ.
  • Nicky LuEtron Technology, Inc.Local Publicity
  • Noriyuki MiuraKobe Univ.
  • Masanori NatsuiTohoku Univ.
  • Srikanth NimmagaddaIntel Technology India Pvt Ltd.
  • Hiromasa NodaMicron Memory Japan, Inc.
  • Jun OhtaNara Institute of Science and Technology
  • Yusuke OikeSony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
  • Kenichi OkadaTokyo Institute of Technology
  • Takeshi OkumotoSocionext Inc.
  • Hyunchol ShinKwangwoon Univ.
  • Yun-Shiang ShuMediaTek Inc.
  • Jae-Yoon SimPOSTECH
  • Kyomin SohnSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Kazuhisa SunagaNEC Corp.
  • Makoto TakamiyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
  • Ken TakeuchiChuo Univ.
  • Yasumoto TomitaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
  • Hayato WakabayashiSony Electronics Inc.
  • Masanao YamaokaHitachi, Ltd.
  • Yong Ping XuNational Univ. of Singapore
  • C. Patrick YueHong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology
NAE Symposium Officers and Program Committee – Technology
NAE Symposium Officers – Technology
  • Symposium Co-ChairMukesh KhareIBM
  • Program Co-ChairChorng-Ping ChangApplied Materials, Inc.
  • SecretaryTomas PalaciosMIT
  • Publicity Co-ChairGosia JurczakASM
  • Publication Co-ChairLuca SelmiUniv. of Udine
  • Short Course Co-ChairWilly RachmadyIntel Corp.
  • Evening Panel Co-ChairCarlos MazureSoitec Group
  • Program Co-ChairChorng-Ping ChangApplied Materials, Inc.
  • Reza ArghavaniLam Research
  • Larry BairAMD
  • Kelly Baker Freescale/NXP
  • Kamel Benaissa Texas Instruments
  • Nadine CollaertImec
  • Gertjan HeminkWestern Digital Corp.
  • Adrian IonescuSwiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Gosia JurczakASM
  • Yue LiangnVidia
  • Carlos MazureSoitec Group
  • Vijay NarayananIBM
  • Tomas PalaciosMIT
  • Eric PopStanford Univ.
  • Willy RachmadyIntel Corp.
  • Nirmal RamaswamyMicron Technology, Inc.
  • Sayeef SalahuddinUniv. of California, Berkeley
  • Luca SelmiUniv. of Udine
  • Thomas SkotnickiSTMicroelectronics
  • Seung-Chul SongQualcomm Inc.
  • Maud Vinet CEA-LETI, MINATEC
  • Peide YePurdue Univ.
  • Geoffrey YeapTSMC
  • Greg YericARM
NAE Symposium Officers and Program Committee – Circuits
NAE Symposium Officers – Circuits
  • Symposium Co-ChairGunther LehmannInfineon Technologies AG
  • Program Co-ChairKen ChangXilinx Inc.
  • SecretaryBrian GinsburgTexas Instruments
  • Publicity Co-ChairRon KapustaAnalog Devices, Inc.
  • Short Course Co-ChairBora NikolicUniv. of California, Berkeley
  • Evening Panel Co-ChairRobert AitkenARM
  • Program Co-ChairKen ChangXilinx Inc.
  • Robert AitkenARM
  • Vineet AgrawalCypress Semiconductor Corp.
  • Edith BeigneCEA-LETI
  • Ben CalhounUniv. of Virginia
  • Bryan CasperIntel Corp.
  • Mike ChengUniv. of Southern California
  • Yun ChiuUniv. of Texas at Dallas
  • John DeBrosseIBM
  • Steve DillenQualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Neale DuttonST Microelectronics
  • Brian GinsburgTexas Instruments
  • Stacy HoMediaTek Inc.
  • Erwin JanssenNXP Semiconductors
  • Ron KapustaAnalog Devices, Inc.
  • Haechang LeeGoogle
  • Kofi MakinwaDelft Univ. of Technology
  • Dejan MarkovicUniv. of California, Los Angeles
  • Ewout Martensimec
  • Alyosha MolnarCornell Univ.
  • Afshin MomtazBroadcom Corp.
  • Eric NaviaskyCadence
  • Reza NavidIntel Corp.
  • Bora NikolicUniv. of California, Berkeley
  • J. Thomas PawlowskiMicron Technology, Inc.
  • Yogesh RamadassTexas Instruments
  • Christoph SandnerInfineon Technologies AG
  • Dennis SylvesterUniv. of Michigan
  • Vivienne SzeMIT
  • Naveen VermaPrinceton Univ.
  • Eric WangIntel Corp.
  • John WuuAMD