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VLSI Symposia 2018 Tip Sheet (Japanese)

VLSI Symposia 2018 Tip Sheet Technical Terms (Japanese)

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Paper T6-1True 7nm Platform Technology Featuring Smallest FinFET and Smallest SRAM Cell by EUV, Special Constructs and 3rd Generation Single Diffusion Break” WC Jeong, et al., Samsung Electronics

T6.1 Image with Caption

T6.1 Image (jpg)

Paper T6-2, “Nanosecond Laser Anneal for BEOL Performance Boost in Advanced FinFETs” R.T.P. Lee, et al., GLOBALFOUNDRIES)

T6.2 Image with Caption

T6.2 Image (jpg)

Paper T6-3 “From Memory to Sensor: Ultra-Low Power and High Selectivity Hydrogen Sensor Based on ReRAM Technology” Z. Wei, et al., Panasonic Corporation & National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

 T6.3 Image with Caption

T6.3 Image (jpg)

Paper T6-4 “Demonstration of Ultra-Low Voltage pSTT-MRAM designed for compatibility with 0x node embedded LLC applications” G. Jan et al., TDK/Headway Technologies

T6.4 Image with Caption

T6.4 Image (png)

Paper T9-1, “10μW/cm2-Class High Power Density Silicon Thermoelectric Energy Harvester Compatible with CMOS-VLSI Technology” M. Tomita et al., Waseda Univ., Osaka Univ., Shizuoka Univ. and AIST Japan

T9.1 Image with Caption

T9.1 Image (gif)

Paper T12-1 “All-Electrical Control of a Hybrid Electron Spin/Valley Quantum Bit in SOI CMOS Technology” L. Hutin, et al., CEA LETI, CEA INAC and CNRS

T12.1 Image with Caption

T12.1 Image (jpg)

Paper T15-5, “InGaAs-on-Insulator MOSFET Featuring Scaled Logic Devices and Record RF Performance” C.B. Zota, et al., IBM, Fraunhofer IAF.

T15.1 Image with Caption

T15.1 Image (png)

Paper T17.1 “Embedded STT-MRAM in 28-nm FDSOI Logic Process for Industrial MCU/IoT Application” Y. K. Lee, et al., Samsung Electronics

T17.1 Image with Caption

T17.1 Image (jpg)

Paper T18-4 “High Performance Mobile SoC Productization with Second-Generation 10nm FinFET Technology and Extension to 8-nm Scaling” Y. Yuan, et al., Qualcomm, Samsung

T18.1 Image with Caption

T18.1 Image (ppt)

Paper 19-3 “High Endurance Self-Heating OTS-PCM Pillar Cell for 3D Stackable Memory”, C.W. Yeh, et al., Macronix, IBM

T19.3 Image with Caption

T19.3 Image (jpg)

Paper T20-2 “First demonstration of vertically stacked Gate-All-Around highly-strained Germanium nanowire p-FETs” E. Capogreco, et al., imec

T20.2 Image with Caption

T20.2 Image (jpg)

Paper C3-2 “An 113dB-Link-Budget Bluetooth-5 SoC with an 8dBm 22%-Efficiency TX”  T. Wang, et al., Toshiba

C3.2 Image with Caption

C3.2 Image (jpg)

Paper C5-2 “A 112Gb/s PAM4 Wireline Receiver Using a 64-way Time-Interleaved SAR ADC in 16nm FinFET”  J. Hudner, et al., Xilinx

C5.2 Image with Caption

C5.2 Image 1 (png)

C5.2 Image 2 (png)

Paper C7-1 “A Two-Tap NIR Lock-In Pixel CMOS Image Sensor with Background Light Cancelling Capability for Non-Contact Heart Rate Detection” C. Cao, et al., Shizuoka University, Brookman Technology, Chiba University

C7.1 Image with Caption

C7.1 Image 1 (png)

C7.1 Image 2 (png)

Paper C8-1 “Logic Process Compatible 40nm 16Mb, Embedded Perpendicular-MRAM with Hybrid-Resistance Reference, sub-μA Sensing Resolution, and 17.5nS Read Access Time”  Y.-C. Shih, et al., TSMC

C8.1 Image with Caption

C8.1 Image 1 (jpg)

C8.1 Image 2 (jpg)

Paper C9-1 “A 12-bit 31.1uW 1MS/s SAR ADC with On-Chip Input-Signal-Independent Calibration Achieving 100.4dB SFDR using 256fF Sampling Capacitance”  J. Shen, et al., Analog Devices

C9.1 Image with Caption

C9.1 Image 1 (jpg)

C9.1 Image 2 (jpg)

Paper C11-1 “A CMOS Molecular Clock Probing 231.061-GHz Rotational Line of OCS with Sub-ppb Long-Term Stability and 66-mW DC Power”  C. Wang, et al., MIT

C11.1 Image with Caption

C11.1 Image (jpg)

Paper C12-1 “A 0.8V 82.9μW In-ear BCI Controller System with 8.8 PEF EEG Instrumentational Amplifier and Wireless BAN Transceiver” J. Lee, et al., KAIST, MIT

C12.1 Image with Caption

C12.1 Image (jpg)

Paper C13-1 “Navion: A Fully Integrated Energy-Efficient Visual-Inertial Odometry Accelerator for Autonomous Navigation of Nano Drones” A. Suleiman, et al., MIT

C13.1 Image with Caption

C13.1 Image (jpg)

Paper C16-4 “220mV-900mV 794/584/754 Gbps/W Reconfigurable GF(24)2 AES/SMS4/Camellia Symmetric-Key Cipher Accelerator in 14nm Tri-gate CMOS” S. Satpathy, et al., Intel

C16.4 Image with Caption

C16.4 Image 1 (png)

C16.4 Image 2 (png)

Paper C20-3 “A 5.5 GHz Background-Calibrated Subsampling Polar Transmitter with -41.3 dB EVM at 1024 QAM in 28nm CMOS” N. Markulic, et al., imec, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

C20.3 Image with Caption

C20.3 Image (jpg)

Paper C22-1 “A 1mW -101dB THD-N Class-AB High-Fidelity Headphone Driver in 65nm CMOS” N. Mehta, et al., University of California, Berkeley, TU Delft

C22.1 Image with Caption

C22.1 Image (jpg)

Paper C24-1 “A 4096-neuron 1M-synapse 3.8pJ/SOP Spiking Neural Network with On-chip STDP Learning and Sparse Weights in 10nm FinFET CMOS” G. Chen, et al., Intel

C24.1 Image with Caption

C24.1 Image (jpg)



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