Joint Panel

40 years of VLSI to enable the Future of Computing

The last 40 years of progress in our field has been so explosive that it would have been impossible to forecast. The VLSI Symposium has chronicled the journey and can perhaps give us a glimpse of what lies ahead. We will be bringing a collection of thought leaders from the past and today to celebrate (and laugh at) the past and to try to predict the future.

Moderator: Stephen Kosonocky, AMD

Asad Abidi, University of California, Los Angeles
Akira Matsuzawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Charlie Sodini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Naveen Verma, Princeton University
Tsu-Jae King Liu, University of California, Berkeley

Technology Panel

Memory and Logic Technology Divergence: Will AI/ML bring them back together?

Memory Technology and Logic Technology have evolved along different paths.  The emergence of new system architectures for heterogeneous compute has given new usage models for memory and potentially the need for new optimizations.  Current AI/ML architectures are not well balanced with respect to memory performance and/or capacity, for instance.  How will technology respond to this challenge?  New memories?  New architectures?   Alternate technology optimization? Packaging solutions?    This panel will bring together these different viewpoints to debate these questions.

Moderator: Gary Bronner, Rambus

Gabriel Loh, AMD
KC Wang, Macronix International
Steve Pawlowski, Micron
Suburamanian Iyer, University of California, Los Angeles
Vivienne Sze, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zhao Wang, Facebook

Circuits Panel

Human vs. Machine: The Future Role of AI/Machine Learning in Circuit Design

From the second design of an op-amp or nand gate on to today designers have been trying to “automate circuit design”. Has this progressed from the Quixote quest of the past to a practical effort? Will and how well will it work? Will it replace circuit designers or assist them? We have assembled a mix of panelists with high level views and those in the trenches to assess the progress toward this goal and the effects of reaching it.

Moderator: Chris Mangelsdorf, Analog Devices

Elad Alon, University of California, Berkeley
Linton Salmon, Semi Tech Associates
Nan Sun, University of Texas at Austin
David Wentzloff, University of Michigan
Kazuo Yano, Hitachi

SSCS/EDS-Sponsored Diversity Panel

Cultivating Engineering Confidence in COVID-19 Times

Moderator: Danielle Griffith, Texas Instruments

Makoto Ikeda, University of Tokyo
Myung-Hee Na, imec
Susan Feindt, Analog Devices