Demo Session

Organizers: T. Takahashi, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
Organizers: K. Hamada, Micron
Organizers: C. Tokunaga, Intel Corp.
Organizers: S. C. Song, Qualcomm

Demo interactive

Monday, June 14, 8:30-9:10 (JST)
Tuesday, June 15, 8:50-9:30 (JST)
Wednesday, June 16, 8:50-9:30 (JST)

The popular demonstration session is an on-demand pre-recorded video session. All the accepted demonstration videos are posted online on the conference virtual platform, and viewers can click through them and post comments. Attendees can also talk with authors in 3days Live Demo Interactive held concurrently with Social Communication on virtual demonstration site that mimics a temple in Kyoto by Gathertown.



The First Embedded 14nm FeFinFET NVM: 2T1CFE Array as Electrical Synapses and Activations for High-Performance and Low-Power Inference Accelerators, E. R. Hsieh*, W. L. Tsai***, Y. L. Lin**, C. H. Liu***, S. S. Chung**, Y. T. Tang****, J. R. Su****, T. P. Chen*****, S. A. Huang*****, T. J. Chen***** and O. Cheng*****, *National Central Univ., **National Chiao Tung Univ., ***National Taiwan Normal Univ., ****TSRI and *****UMC, Taiwan


A Unified Physical BTI Compact Model in Variability-Aware DTCO Flow: Device Characterization and Circuit Evaluation on Reliability of Scaling Technology Nodes, Y. Zhao*,****, L. Wang*, Z. Wu*, F. Schanovsky**, X. Xu*, H. Yu***, J. Lai*, D. Liu*,****, X. Chuai*,****, Y. Su*,****, H. Yang*, X. Wang***, L. Li* and M. Liu*, *IMECAS, China, **Global TCAD Solutions GmbH, Austria, ***Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology and ****China Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


FinFET LDMOS Technology Challenges and Opportunities for Digital TV and 6GHz WiFi PA Applications, J. Singh, S. Cimino, J. B. Johnson, Z. Wang, T. Shimizu, A. Shampur, B. Min, H. Wang, O. Hu, C. W. Lai, A. Martin, S. Khosrowbeygi, Y. Chin, R. Wolf, P. Colestock, A. Knorr, T. Chen, A. Joseph and T. H. Lee, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc., USA


2-kbit Array of 3-D Monolithically-Stacked IGZO FETs with Low SS-64mV/dec, Ultra-Low-Leakage, Competitive μ-57 cm2/V-s Performance and Novel nMOS-Only Circuit Demonstration, U. Chand, Z. Fang, C. Chun-Kuei, Y. Luo, H. Veluri, M. Sivan, L. J. Feng, S.-H. Tsai, X. Wang, S. Chakraborty, E. Zamburg and A. V.-Y. Thean, National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore


105× Endurance Improvement of FE-HZO by an Innovative Rejuvenation Method for 1z Node NV-DRAM Applications, T. Gong*, L. Tao*, J. Li**, Y. Cheng***, Y. Xu*, W. Wei*, P. Jiang*, P. Yuan*, Y. Wang*, Y. Chen*, Y. Ding*, Y. Yang*, Y. Wang*, B. Chen**, Q. Luo*, S. S. Chung****, S. Du* and M. Liu*, *Chinese Academy of Sciences, **Zhejiang Univ., ***East China Normal Univ., China and ****National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan


Energy-Efficient Reliable HZO FeFET Computation-in-Memory with Local Multiply & Global Accumulate Array for Source-Follower & Charge-Sharing Voltage Sensing, C. Matsui, K. Toprasertpong, S. Takagi and K. Takeuchi, The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan


Advanced Multi-NIR Spectral Image Sensor with Optimized Vision Sensing System and Its Impact on Innovative Applications, H. Sumi*,**, H. Takehara**, J. Ohta** and M. Ishikawa*, *The Univ. of Tokyo and **Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan


Reconfigurable Germanium Quantum-Dot Arrays for CMOS Integratable Quantum Electronic Devices, I.-H. Wang, T. Tsai, R.-C. Pan, P.-Y. Hong, M. T. Kuo, I. H. Chen, T. George, H. C. Lin and P.-W. Li, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan



CHIMERA: A 0.92 TOPS, 2.2 TOPS/W Edge AI Accelerator with 2 MByte On-Chip Foundry Resistive RAM for Efficient Training and Inference, M. Giordano*, K. Prabhu*, K. Koul*, R. M. Radway*, A. Gural*, R. Doshi*, Z. F. Khan*, J. W. Kustin*, T. Liu*, G. B. Lopes*, V. Turbiner*, W.-S. Khwa**, Y.-D. Chih**, M.-F. Chang**, G. Lallement*, B. Murmann*, S. Mitra* and P. Raina*, *Stanford Univ., USA and **TSMC, Taiwan


OmniDRL: A 29.3 TFLOPS/W Deep Reinforcement Learning Processor with Dual-Mode Weight Compression and On-Chip Sparse Weight Transposer, J. Lee, S. Kim, S. Kim, W. Jo, D. Han, J. Lee and H.-J. Yoo, KAIST, Korea


A 2.3GHz Fully Integrated DC-DC Converter Based on Electromagnetically Coupled Class-D LC Oscillators Achieving 78.1% Efficiency in 22nm FDSOI CMOS, A. Novello*, G. Atzeni*, G. Cristiano*, M. Coustans** and T. Jang*, *ETH Zürich and **STMicroelectronics, Switzerland


A Sub-mW Dual-Engine ML Inference System-on-Chip for Complete End-to-End Face-Analysis at the Edge, P. Jokic*,**, E. Azarkhish*, R. Cattenoz*, E. Türetken*, L. Benini** and S. Emery*, *CSEM and **ETH Zürich, Switzerland


SleepRider: a 5.5μW/MHz Cortex-M4 MCU in 28nm FD-SOI with ULP SRAM, Biomedical AFE and Fully-Integrated Power, Clock and Back-Bias Management, R. Dekimpe, M. Schramme, M. Lefebvre, A. Kneip, R. Saeidi, M. Xhonneux, L. Moreau, M. Gonzalez, T. Pirson and D. Bol, UCLouvain, Belgium


A 1.15μW 5.54mm3 Implant with a Bidirectional Neural Sensor and Stimulator SoC Utilizing Bi-Phasic Quasi-Static Brain Communication Achieving 6kbps-10Mbps Uplink with Compressive Sensing and RO-PUF Based Collision Avoidance, B. Chatterjee, G. K. K., M. Nath, S. Xiao, N. Modak, D. Das, J. Krishna and S. Sen, Purdue Univ., USA


A One-Shot Learning, Online-Tuning, Closed-Loop Epilepsy Management SoC with 0.97μJ/Classification and 97.8% Vector-Based Sensitivity, M. Zhang*, L. Zhang*, J. H. Park**, C.-W. Tsai*, K. A. Ng*,***, L. Lin*, Y. Dong*, J. Li*, T. Tang*, H. Wu*, L. Wu* and J. Yoo*,****, *National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore, **Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea, ***DigiPen and ****The N.1 Institute for Health, Singapore


A 12-bit Mobile OLED/μLED Display Driver IC with Cascaded Loading-Free Capacitive Interpolation DAC and 6.24V/ μs-Slew-Rate Buffer Amplifier, G.-G. Kang*, S.-T. Koh*, W. Jang*, J. Lee*, S. Lee**, O. Kwon**, K. Jung** and H.-S. Kim*, *KAIST and **Samsung Display, Korea


A 2.6 e-rms Low-Random-Noise, 116.2 mW Low-Power 2-Mp Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor with Pixel-Level ADC and In-Pixel Memory, M.-W. Seo, M. Chu, H.-Y. Jung, S. Kim, J. Song, J. Lee, S.-Y. Kim, J. Lee, S.-J. Byun, D. Bae, M. Kim, G.-D. Lee, H. Shim, C. Um, C. Kim, I.-G. Baek, D. Kwon, H. Kim, H. Choi, J. Go, J. Ahn, J.-k. Lee, C. Moon, K. Lee and H.-S. Kim, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea