• 11 JUN 13
    Masato Motomura – 2017 Circuits  Symposium Chair

    Masato Motomura – 2017 Circuits Symposium Chair

    On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend a hearty invitation to you to attend the 2017 Symposium on VLSI Circuits. As the host of this year’s symposium, I am delighted to serve this prestigious event held for the 31st time (celebrating its 30-years’ anniversary) here in RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto in Japan.

    The Symposium is recognized as one of the premier international conferences on VLSI circuits and is held in conjunction with the Symposium on VLSI Technology. All participants may attend both Technology and Circuits sessions. Also, the Symposium will include joint focus sessions, a joint evening panel discussion, and a joint banquet. This close affiliation provides a unique opportunity to span across the entire VLSI discipline, enabling attendees to gain a broad understanding of the latest advances that will drive the industry forward.

    The Symposium will include short courses that will feature lectures and talks on latest advances of the field by recognized experts from all over the world, covering topics of interest to the VLSI Circuits community.

    Kyoto is a beautiful city with the wonderful mixture of historic sites and a modern culture. You will find ample opportunity for cultural and intellectual exchange.

    The rich technical contents of the Symposium will undoubtedly interest you, and I am sure that the Symposium will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience for you.

    Masato Motomura

    2017 VLSI Circuits Symposium Chair