Online Submission

Creating a PDF file of your submission via IEEE PDF eXpress® Plus is NOT a final step of your submission.
After checking by IEEE PDF eXpress, your created PDF file should be submitted to “Technology Online Submission” or “Circuits Online Submission” site in below. If it fails, your submission will not be received by the secretariat and not be reviewed. Please confirm the receipt of the manuscript by the secretariat just after your submission.

1. Prepare Your Submission

Please prepare your submission while referring to the Author's Guide available in the right column of AUTHORS page.
Also please read carefully the New Pre-publication Policy for the Symposia, and important notice.

2. Create IEEE Xplore® Compliant PDF via IEEE PDF eXpress® Plus

After you have read all the instructions for submission,

  1. You MUST create a IEEE Xplore(R) compliant PDF file of your submission by the following (a) or (b):
  2. Log-In ID:
    Submission to the Technology Symposium “40795XP
    Submission to the Circuits Symposium “40788XP
  3. Instructions:
    Technology Symposium
    Circuits Symposium
    Submit your IEEE Xplore(R) compliant PDF to the VLSI Online Submission website. Without submitting to the VLSI Online submission website
    your submission is not completed.

3. Confirm the Following Items Before Submission

  • Verify that your submission is 2 pages according to the Author's Guide. Any other page length will be grounds for automatic withdrawal.
  • Verify that the margins in your paper are sufficient according to the Author's Guide.
  • Check that the font size of the main text in your paper is no less than 10pt and that your paper meets all other font size specifications in the Authors Guide.
  • Confirm the New Pre-publication Policy for the Symposia.
  • Be aware that if your paper is published prior to the Symposia, it will be withdrawn from the Symposia.
  • Make sure you get approval of your affiliation to submit and present your paper at the Symposia.
  • Confirm your submission is converted into a PDF file through IEEE PDF eXpress® Plus and all fonts are embedded.

4. Online Submission

Please go to the online submission page from the link below and start submission procedure.
Please note the Technology Symposium and the Circuits Symposium have different submission pages.
This is the place where your submission will complete.

Technology Online Submission (closed) Circuits Online Submission (closed)

For Technology only:

5. After Submission

After you completed online submission, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to your email address shortly. If you cannot receive the email, please contact the secretariat.

6. To Revise Your Submission

If you wish to revise an already submitted paper, please revisit the online submission page, enter the ID and Password issued via auto-generated email at the time of submission, and alter your submission to upload a new PDF file. You can revise or confirm your submission as many times as you wish up until the submission deadline. To cancel your submission, you should inform the Secretariat.
Contact information for both of the Secretariats is at the bottom of this screen.