Satellite Workshops & Events

2017 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop

The 2017 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop will be held on June 4-5, 2017 as a Satellite Workshop at the same location where Symposium takes place.

Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop Website

2017 Spintronics Workshop on LSI

The 2017 Spintronics Workshop focusing on VLSI-implementable Spintronics Technology will be held on June 5, 2017 also at the same location.

Spintronics Workshop on LSI Website

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society(SSCS) and Electron Device Society(EDS) Young Professionals, Students and Women in Circuits Mentoring and Career Coaching Session

Date: June 6, 18:15-19:30
Room: Suzaku I

This will be a special event for early career engineers and grad students, where several leading experts from industry and academia, IEEE Solid-States Circuits Society Executives and AdCom members will have a mentoring session on career coaching, entrepreneurship, publications and answer your questions. This special opportunity would be quite beneficial for the careers of young engineers and students.