Innovative System Directions

Authors are encouraged to submit papers on "big integration" that showcase innovations that extend beyond a single IC and into the module level. These include focus areas of (1) Internet of Things, (2) Industrial Electronics, (3) Big data management, (4) Biomedical Applications and (5) Robotics and Smart cars.
New focus sessions comprising invited and contributed papers will be offered.

Following list explains representative topics in each of the five focus areas:
Internet of things
Industrial electronics
Industrial Internet, Internet 4.0, M2M system, etc.
Big data management
Biomedical Applications
Robotics and smart cars
Autonomous motion/driving control, battery management, distributed embedded sensing/processing system, etc.

The submitted papers will be considered based on technical innovation, advances relative to previously published work, credibility of claims, and quality of writing and illustrations. Though the "Innovative System Directions" submission is not limited to circuits inside a chip, if silicon implementation and/or measurement is necessary to reasonably support the credibility of claims, such as those in analog circuit design studies, the paper would be evaluated from that aspect.